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Regarding Cinecoin

Cinemaghar offers a reward coin (Cine coin) system to incentivize users to engage with various features such as daily login, watching ads, and playing quizzes. By using these features, users can earn a maximum of up to 1000 coins, which are non-transferable and can be redeemed only by the account holder. 

It’s worth noting that not every action guarantees a reward, and the availability of the ads is subject to change. However, the coins earned can be redeemed for watching movies and shorts in the application, and users can choose to partially redeem their coins as well. The remaining coin will remain in the Cinemaghar account regardless of time. Once the coins are redeemed, they are non-refundable. And user will have access to the content for up to one week. 

Overall, the reward system is a fair and straightforward way for users to enjoy the content available in the application. Reward rate and validity is subjected to change without an prior information.

Cinemaghar has rights to cancel user's cinecoins obtained through unfair practice or generated because of technical glitch.